Secrid Mini Wallet Glamour | Bronze

By Secrid


The Secrid Mini Wallet Glamour in Bronze is tiny, fashionable and fits easily in any pocket or purse. Its innovative design will surprise you with how much it holds and its elegant prints will keep you in glamorous fashion. The made in Holland quality is a promise to the dedication of quality materials and manufacturing precision. Get rid of your bulky wallets with Secrid.

  • Holds 4-6 cards (Depending on card embossing and thickness)
  • Durable card lever designed for one handed use
  • Additional interior space for at least 4 additional cards, business cards, paper money and coins
  • Press stud closure keeps everything in for easy carry in any bag.
  • Solid aluminum build card protector for light weight and maximum durability
  • Built in cardholder is RFID safe - Slide card out to use while still remaining RFID safe from digital pickpockets 
  • Card protector protects your most important cards against bending and breaking
  • Full grain leather from Italy and Netherlands with an elegant glamorous print
  • 2 year warranty