Secrid Mini Wallet Vegetable Tanned | Caramello

By Secrid


The name says it all: the Secrid Vegetable Tanned Leather Mini Wallet in a Caramello color is tiny and fits easily in any pocket or purse. Its innovative design will surprise you with how much it holds. Made in Holland quality is a promise to the dedication of quality materials and manufacturing precision for the best protection. Built from solid Aluminum and designed for one handed - one push use for the most convenient and durable slim wallet. Get rid of your bulky wallets with Secrid.
  • Holds 4-6 cards (Depending on card embossing and thickness)
  • Durable card lever designed for one handed use
  • Additional interior space for at least 4 additional cards, business cards, paper money and coins
  • Press stud closure keeps everything in for easy carry in any bag.
  • Solid aluminum build card protector for light weight and maximum durability
  • Built in cardholder is RFID safe - Slide card out to use while still remaining RFID safe from digital pickpockets 
  • Card protector protects your most important cards against bending and breaking
  • Full grain European leather exterior with a completely natural vintage coloring and a high wax content for long term durability. Leather ages beautifully, shining even more with time.
  • 2 year warranty