Seed Design Dora Pendant 12-Light Set With Ring | Black

By Seed Design


If you are looking to take the lighting in your home to another level, Seed Design is here to provide you with the best modern-day light fixtures. Seed Design USA takes pride in creating happiness while being able to light up your dreams. The Seed Design Lighting mission is to provide you with an easy solution for adding illumination where you need it. The Seed Design Dora Pendant collection is a fun, versatile and interactive pendant light that will be a blast for you to hang up in your home. The 12-Light set with Ring can function in the kitchen, your living room, next to your bed or any area that you want to add more lighting to.

  • Color: matt black
  • Size: L 35.4 x W 35.4 x H 118.1 (inch)
  • Model: SLD-1010PC12-BK