Selfie On A Stick Telescoping Universal Selfie Pole | Blue

By SelfieOnAStick

$8 $11.99

As seen on TV, the popular Selfie On A Stick works universally with any phone giving you the perfect angle for your #Selfie or #SelfWe every time. The colored grip ensures a steady shot and the aluminum telescoping pole allows you to focus in close on yourself, or go wide to capture as many people or as much background as you want. Pair it with the Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter for ultimate selfie photography.

  • Extends from 9" to 42"
  • Removable clamp adjusts from 2.4" to 3.4" 
  • Universal 1/4 screw for use with traditional camera
  • Can be screwed into a tripod at its base
  • Net Weight 4.6oz