Conmoto Sino Fireside Tool Set & Stand | Stainless Steel

By Conmoto


Sino stainless steel fire tools – modern companion set designed by Sebastian David Büscher for Conmoto luxury hearth tools company, Germany. Sino designer fire iron stand has all you need to tend your fire or stove, and these stainless steel fire tools will be used and appreciated for generations.

Modern Companion Set
Sino designer fire iron stand offers style and functionality all in one. Sebastian David Büscher’s collection of stainless steel fire tools is distinguished by the interesting combination of materials and state-of-the-art technology. Sino stainless steel fire tools have a simple contemporary design that are ideal for the modern hearth. At 79cm height, Sino makes a powerful design statement.

Luxury Hearth Tools
Sino luxury hearth tools set includes poker, tongs, brush and shovel, which are mounted on a stylish stand. Conmoto Sino stainless steel fire tools provide all you need to maintain your fire or stove with maximum functionality and style.

Designer Fire Iron Stand Materials
Sino luxury hearth tools are made in solid stainless steel and the tools have a reassuringly heavy quality to them.

The stainless steel is given a brushed finish, and the tools and base will not tarnish.

Conmoto Luxury Stainless Steel Fireside Accessories
Conmoto offer a wide range of high quality stainless steel fireside accessories to complement Sino luxury hearth tools. Conmoto Wood Bridge log holder has simple contemporary design and is made in high grade brushed stainless steel.

Conmoto Peter Maly log holder is also made in high grade stainless steel and features handles in luxurious brown leather. Maly has also created the Conmoto Peter Maly fire dogs which have modern architectural design and are made in brushed stainless steel.

This collection of contemporary firetools and accessories include inspirational, timeless modern design, functionality and prices to suit most budgets. Designers include German modern design icons such as Peter Maly, Sieger Design, Fried Ulber, Carsten Gollnick, Studio Vertijet, Sebastian David Buscher, Schweiger & Viererbl, Studio Aisslinger and Bernd Benninghoff.