Skagerak Pantry Module 2

By Skagerak


Pantry Module 2

Pantry Module is a versatile workstation designed to help out outside or inside. With its two shelves, it has plenty of space for kitchen utensils, crafting tools or pots, and soil. The tabletop itself is made from natural limestone while the frame is crafted in teak wood.


Teak / Limestone
FSC 100%
LxWxH: 114x60x92,5 cm
Item no. 1600821

WxDxH: 64x117x93 cm
Weight: 76,4 kg


Proper usage and maintenance are vital for getting the most out of the valuable resources we have. Our designs are made to last for generations, but just like everything else, they need a little care to get there.

Teak is commonly found in Southeast Asia, Central, and South America. Our FSC-certified teak comes from Central America, Brazil, and Indonesia, while our non-certified Teak comes from plantations in Southeast Asia and Trinidad; managed to sustain a renewable and reliable supply of wood.

Teak is a heavy, hard, and sturdy wood type. The high content of natural oils makes it highly resistant and it is, therefore, a good choice for outdoor furniture.

Do a general cleaning when needed with a suitable wood cleaner and soft bristle brush. Rinse afterward with water and let it dry for 24 hours. Note: Wipe off tables, benches, and chairs after use with a dry cloth.

As the wood is untreated, the surface will patinate over time and eventually turn a beautiful silvery grey. If you wish to preserve or intensify the original honey-golden color, use a suitable furniture oil on a regular basis. The wood is resistant to everyday wind and weather with or without treatment due to the high content of natural oils.

Winter storage
The product is resistant to all types of weather, all year round. However, if possible, we recommend storing the furniture in an unheated room during the winter months.

Indoor use
Remember to re-tighten the screws once in a while.

Limestone is a natural sedimentary rock consisting of different minerals from the earth, composed mostly of calcium carbonate. The chosen limestone for the Pantry Modules is occurring in Norrvange in northern Gotland in Sweden. The stone has a light sand grey color with warm nuances. The tabletop is sanded smooth which brings out a matte and beautiful surface.

Use water and wipe with a dry cloth. Note: Stains from grease, fruit acids, and colors e.g., red wine, berries, jam, lemon, etc. cannot be removed, so be extra careful when using these products on the tabletop. Make sure always to use a cutting board and wipe the tabletop clean after use.

Since the material has an open surface structure, it is receptive to grease and color and will eventually embrace a beautiful patina. If you wish to freshen up the surface, we recommend you find a suitable cleaning product for natural stone and marble. If you wish to treat the tabletop further, limestone can be treated with a surface finish to make it more resistant to dirt and marks of use.