Skeppshult Pancake Pan with Wooden Handle | Black

By Skeppshult


Skeppshult Cast Iron Pancake Pan Walnut Handle

Cast Iron cookware is making a comeback in a big way because of its superior performance and ease of use. Iron pans withstand, disperse, and store heat in a way that their non-stick cohorts simply can't. The Cast Iron Pancake Pan by Skeppshult is no exception to this norm. Boasting a natural non-stick coating and chemical-free cooking experience, this pan will become your go-to for those pancake breakfasts! Skeppshult's products are handmade and boast unmatched durability. Skeppshult products come with a 25-year warranty because they are so confident their cookware will last decades.


  • Material Cast Iron
  • Item Diameter 9.5 Inches