Snow Peak Trek 700 Solo Cookset | Silver

By Snow Peak


Ideal as a solo cookset that has incredible functionality and a range of applications, the Trek 700 Mug allows you to measure, boil and strain. It can fit Snow Peak's 110G fuel and a Gigapower stove inside so you can minimize heft and carry as much as possible. The lightweight build makes it the perfect travel companion, able to fulfill a range of functions while out camping.

  • SKU: SCS-005T
  • Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 4.8 oz (136g)
  • Dimensions: D 4.2" H 4.4" (Pot/105*113mm, Lid/105*20mm)
  • Contents Include: Titanium Pot W/ Lid
  • Capacity: 24 fluid oz
  • Size Stowed: 4.2 x 4.4 in (105 x 128mm)
  • Made In: Japan