Spinnaker FKM Vulcanized Rubber Nylon Strap | 22mm

By Spinnaker


FKM is used to describe Fluoroelastomers which provide a higher degree of heat and chemical resistance. At the same time, it offers the user a supple and pleasant hand feel. The recent introduction of FKM into high-performance watchmaking sees it used as the material of choice in some of the most exclusive Swiss watch brands today. In the form of a Nylon strap, Spinnaker now offers an incredibly versatile durable piece of equipment to be added to the Spinnaker dive watch.

Technical Data: 

  • MATERIAL: FKM Vulcanized Rubber
  • WIDTH (mm) : 22
  • LENGTH (mm) : 275
  • THICKNESS (mm) : 1.6
  • BAND COLOR : Black / Navy Blue / Orange / Brown / Dark Green
  • CLASP TYPE: Buckle