Spinnaker Oahu Tropic Rubber Strap

By Spinnaker


Our tropic rubber straps take their cues from the versions that were made famous by early Dive watches of the 1960s. With a waffle pattern underneath and the neat diamond pattern subtly embossed on the top, the tropic rubber strap is like a wrist bore time machine for your timepiece. Our modern take is crafted out of vulcanized rubber for extra durability and is subtly tapered and thin enough to cut the line between functionally adept and handsomely stylish.

This strap fits with:

  • SP-5057
  • SP-5042
  • SP-5062


  • MATERIAL : Nitrile Rubber
  • WIDTH (mm) : 20
  • LENGTH (mm) : 80 / 130
  • THICKNESS (mm) : 3.5-2.5
  • BAND COLOR : Black / Navy Blue / Dark Brown / Khaki
  • CLASP TYPE: Buckle