The Electricianz CARBON Z RUBBER 45mm | Blue Rubber Strap/ Nylon

By The Electricianz


The CARBON Z Blue Rubber Strap 45mm

The Carbon Z is an original combination of Carbon black and vibrant colors that reinforce one another in a pleasant dance for the eyes. The fine, colored embroideries bring an elegant distinction to the nato strap’s Italian leather, stamped with ever-so-subtle details. The Carbon Z is a daily reminder that life is not as serious as we take it to be and that beyond casual appearance, everyone just wants to have fun. Don’t you?

An iron fist in a velvet glove. The core of our machine is housed in a stainless steel case in turn wrapped in a Thermo molded nylon & carbon sheath recalling insulating materials. The top class-10 nylon shows to be hard, resistant to abrasion & insensitive to stress cracking. Furthermore, its Paraffin-like structure guarantees the beast a soft touch and a silky look.

The light was conceived of as an integral part of the design: this is why 4 LED backlights the hour ring, giving it a spectacular look in the nighttime.


Brand: The Electricianz
Light Function: YES
Case: Stainless steel case + black mass-colored nylon & carbon sheath
Movement: Exclusive Inhouse Electric module.
Glass: Hardened mineral K1 glass with anti-reflective treatment