The Light Phone II Minimalistic Cell Phone | Gray

By Light Phone


A phone is a tool, and it should serve you as the user, not the other way around. The Light Phone is a phone that actually respects youThe Light Phone is built around a user-customizable toolbox where you will be able to easily add or remove various tools using the Dashboard. The tools are completely optional, of course. (the animation is for reference, tools like 'taxi' and 'music' are still in development and not yet available) The Light Phone will never have feeds, social media, advertisements, news or email. All of the tools are custom designed for our Light OS. There is no infinity, just intention.

  • Color: Light Gray
  • Light Phone Capabilities:
      • Call
      • Text message
      • Set alarms
      • Utilize a simple calculator
      • Act as a hotspot
  • Light sensor
  • Power button
  • Microphone
  • Micro USB
  • Headphone
  • Speaker
  • SIM