Tivoli Audio Cube Wireless Bluetooth Speaker | Black

By Tivoli Audio


Straight from Tivoli Audio's ART collection, the Black Cube Bluetooth Speaker offers an elegant blend of superior sound quality and stylish design in a compact, wireless form. Enjoy a wide variety of streaming options from all your favorite services offered by IOS and Android devices. Whether your using it as a single speaker or as just one part of a custom built audio set, The Cube can be configured to offer mono, stereo, and multi-room audio playback. Encased in a furniture grade wooden cabinet and finished with a gorgeous Gabriel fabric grill, the Cube is far more than just a speaker; it's a work of art!

  • Dimensions: 4.2 x 4.2 x 4.3 in
  • Wireless Network enabled (Wi-Fi)
  • Bluetooth® wireless connectivity
  • Spotify® Connect
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary Input
  • Easily connect each speaker to your home network using SAC technology
  • Connect a multitude of speakers on a single network
  • Free Tivoli Audio Wireless App
  • Stream up to CD quality music from services such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, QQ, and your own personal library
  • Multi group configuration, allowing simultaneous audio playback of multiple songs to various speakers
  • Send your Bluetooth® wireless stream to other speakers via your wireless network
  • Hidden capacitive touch wood for Play/Pause control
  • Join/Drop button to cycle your speaker through the music playing elsewhere in your home
  • Quick connect Party Mode button to quickly spread the music around your home
  • Volume controls
  • 3 inch long throw full-range driver
  • Model: CUBBLK