Tokyobike Paddle Bicycle

By Tokyobike


Introduces kids to the joys of riding by way of balance and gliding. A more empowering method that’s guaranteed to spark a lifelong love. The beauty of some things lies in what they aren’t, not what they are. Such is the case for the Paddle. It isn’t a pedal bike. And by forgoing pedals, it introduces little riders to the art of balance, helping to build their strength and conditioning, and fine-tune their motor skills. All vital precursors to confidently riding a pedal bike one day. The Paddle is lightweight, with handlebars designed to support an upright position and wide tires for a stable ride on any surface. The soft and comfortable saddle grows in unison with your child, beginning at 10.5" and reaching 15.5". And thanks to a thoughtfully crafted handle that allows an adult to easily carry the bike home one-handed, you could say the Paddle suits grown ups as much as it does little ones embarking on a lifelong love of riding.


  • Frame: Hi-Tensile steel with an easy lift handle for your grownup
  • Recommended Age: 2+ years old
  • Saddle: Brown Eco-Leather little tokyobike Saddle
  • Height Saddle Adjustment: 10" - 16"
  • Handlebars: Designed for upright riding
  • Grips: Tan Rubber, perfect for little hands
  • Brakes: N/A
  • Training Wheels: N/A
  • Rims: Silver
  • Tires: Ivory Tires 12" (12 x 1.5 inner tube)
  • Weight: 3.8kg / 8.3lbs
  • Made in China