Umbra Hubba Oval Mirror 24x36

By Umbra


A new shape to the Hubba Family, this oval mirror features smooth rounded curves. Its decorative metal frame has a look that is sure to complement any decor. Hubba bounces natural and artificial light around the room, helping to brighten even the darkest of space. It also adds visual depth, which instantly makes smaller rooms appear bigger. Its unique, oval shape measures 24 x 36 inches (61 x 91 cm).


  • It is a round mirror with an elegant and decorative metal frame
  • Help brighten any room, day or night
  • Large size is ideal for reflecting both natural and artificial ligh
  • Makes a small room look bigger
  • Length: 36.25in (92cm)
  • Width: 24.38in (62cm)
  • Height: 0.75in (2cm)
  • Weight: 10.38lbs (4.7kg)
  • Size: 24x36in (61x91cm)