UrbanEars Stadion Team Earbuds | White

By UrbanEars

$50 $100

Comfort, innovation, and performance all come together to create the Stadion Team Earbuds by UrbanEars. The stretchy neck coil and the EarClick technology, which holds the buds to your ear, make these some of most comfortable and secure earbuds on the market. The Stadion features bluetooth technology that makes listening and making calls seamless, so you aren't tied down by cords. UrbanEars equipped these earbuds with volume controls on the back so you don't need to fumble around with your device during workouts. Recharging your Stadion Earbuds is a breeze because of the micro USB that is built into them. 

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • stretchy neck coils
  • EarClick Technology 
  • Controls on the back of the neck
  • Model 04091873