VSSL Mini Survival Cache Suunto Edition | Black



This VSSL Mini Survival Cache is back with some added swagger. The Black Suunto Edition adds the best in class precision compass to its already reliable survival kit. Within each Mini VSSL there is a fire starting kit and water purifying kit, it also provides space for storing your essentials and valuables. If that isn't enough, it also doubles as a 4 mode LED lantern with 40+ hours of light in certain modes. The VSSL mini is made from seamless extruded military specification anodized aluminum which is nearly indestructible.

  • Suunto KB-14 VSSL Compass
  • Carabinder End Cap
  • 4-mode LED Lantern
  • Fire Starting Kit
  • Water Purification Kit
  • Repair Kit
  • Model: 01-112-00B