We Do Wood SJ Bookcase

By We Do Wood

The SJ Bookcase from We Do Woof is the perfect way to get organized. It is more than just a bookshelf. It is an piece of art that will add personality and color to any room. The asymmetric design makes it unique. The cases are removable so you can design it to be any way you want. Choose from the Large size, Midi size or both! Made with Moso Bamboo which is durable and sustainable. A great option for your living room, bedroom or home office!


Material: moso bamboo
Horizontal bookcase: 32x63x30 cm
Square bookcases (2 pcs): 49x49x31 cm
Vertical bookcase: 55x36x28 cm
Mounting bars (2 pcs): 115 cm
Colours: Steel Blue, Greenish Grey, Jade Green, Reseda Green
Weight: 22,7 kg


Material: moso bamboo
Horizontal bookcase: 27x37x22 cm
Square bookcase: 32x32x24 cm,
Vertical bookcase: 42x26x26 cm
Mounting bar: 115 cm
Colours: Olive, Cool Grey, Dark Grey
Weight: 11,7 kg

Model: 2030701, 2030702