Wohnbadarf Max Bill Cross Frame Dining Chair

By Wohnbadarf


The award-winning Cross-Frame Chair (Kreuzzargenstuhl) by Wohnbadarf has been in continual production since 1952 (since 1999 as a new edition). Well known for its leg structure with its crossed frame connection supports the seat surface in the middle and gives the chair the greatest possible static stability. The contrast between the thin molded seat surface and the strong framework emphasizes its technical construction and gives the impression of strength with a tactile feel. A modern look of its time is now today's classic.
  • Made of solid beech with a molded plywood seat and back
  • Available in three finish options: Black Lacquered, Natural Beech or Natural seat/back with a Black frame.
  • Dimensions: 18.9" w, 20.5" d, x 30.7" h
  • Seat Height: 18.1"
  • Design by Max Bill, 1952
  • Model: WB-30-1100