Yamazaki Adjustable Pots and Pans Organizer | Steel

By Yamazaki Home


When it all *pans* out. Yes, a reasonable way to organizer your pots and pans does exist! Getting your cooking appliances neatly into your cupboard can feel like an impossible puzzle—but with this height-adjustable two-tier rack, you can store your pots, frying pans, and pot lids in a tidy manner that makes full use of your storage space. Choose between three height configurations and use the space on the bottom to store your pots and deeper pans. Store pot lids and frying pans vertically on the top tier, which features dividers that are also adjustable. There’s even a handy bar upon which pan handles can rest for optimal storage and easy access. Here’s to calm, chaos-free cabinets!


  • Can be installed at three different heights of 4.1", 6.1", or 8.1"
  • Seven dividers provided to adjust each slot width as needed
  • A pot handle rest attachment is also provided
  • Materials: Steel, ABS Resin
  • Dimensions: L 8.07 x W 20.47 x H 14.96 inches
  • Weight: 4.08 lbs.
  • Loadbearing capacity: 17.6 lbs.
  • Includes: Handle Holder, 2x Silicone Stoppers