Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts - The Premium Option 5/3mm

By Zone3


We invented buoyancy shorts back in 2007 to help improve our swim technique in a natural an efficient way. The original product was made using a 5/3mm thickness smoothskin material but due to their overwhelming popularity, we have now released a more buoyant and lower drag focused design called 'The Premium Option'.


  • Highly buoyant design for heavy legged swimmers.
  • 3mm Yamamoto #39 SCS front and back panels.
  • 5mm Yamamoto SCS Aerodome side panels.
  • SCS Nano coating for drag reduction.
  • New comfort focused waistband
  • Improves your body position and swim technique.
  • Enhanced core support to aid with technique development.
  • Designed as a natural feeling alternative to a pull buoy.
  • A softer, lighter and more flexible fit, that aids the swimmer with more buoyancy and hip rotation.