Zone3 Men's Streamline Sleeveless Swimskin

By Zone3


Increased buoyancy, reduced drag and most important of all, more speed! The Zone 3 Streamline Sleeveless Swimskin is the result of requests from Ironman athletes looking for extra core support and reduced drag during non-wetsuit swims. This entry-level swimskin builds on the back of our our classic swimskin.


  • Designed to be worn over your race kit.
  • Made using top-end Italian fabrics.
  • Hydrophobic fabric for maximum compression & minimum water absorption.
  • Fully bonded seams and high-tech water-repellant nano-coated fabric for comfort and minimal drag.
  • Rear zip
  • Designed for speed and maximum coverage.
  • Extreme drag resistance through the water.
  • Increased visibility in the water.
  • Maximum compression & minimum water absorption.
  • Comfortable and easy to remove.