Zone3 Vision Max Swim Mask | Clear/Blue

By Zone3


For swimmers who are looking for comfort above all else, a mask style swim goggle is the ideal solution. The Vision Max Swim Mask has ultra-soft silicon seals that sit on the forehead and below the eyes, taking all pressure off the eyes and eye sockets.


  • 180o Panoramic Lenses
  • Low Profile Mask Style Design
  • Anti-fog treated Scratch resistant lenses
  • Ultra-soft impact resistant silicone seal
  • Easy adjust strap.
  • Extremely comfortable due to Ultra-soft silicon gaskets and an easy adjust strap.
  • Avoid the feeling of claustrophobia with a wide field of vision.
  • The vision and comfort of a mask, but with reduced drag.
  • Gain confidence in mass water starts with impact resistant seals.