Zuzunaga Digital Sunrise Throw Blanket | Merino Wool/Silk

By Zuzunaga


Another innovative addition to Zuzunaga's Bitmap Collection - the Digital Sunrise Premium throw blanket seeks to embody the subtle glow and long, arching shadows of a sunrise in the city. Artisan-crafted from Italian merino wool that has been infused with silk, this throw yields a rich luster in addition to lightweight warmth. This remarkable blend of fabric requires a painstakingly long production process fraught with complexities, but the result is all the more worth while. When paired with the Digital Sunset throw, a synergy is created that represents a global concept of communication which seeks to bridge the gap between those in the East and in the West.

  • Produced in Spain
  • Knitted using five colours
  • Jacquard technique
  • Material: 100% Superfine Italian Merino Wool
  • Size: 140cm x 185cm
  • Model: 202001130097