Zuzunaga Luna Pixel Seat Cushion 40 x 40 cm | Trevira

By Zuzunaga


An integral member of the Squaring of the Circle Collection, the Pixel Luna Seat Cushion was deemed a winner at the London Design Festival in 2013. The cover of these cushions are uniquely cut from a large canvas of Trevira CS fabric with the same repeating pattern. This ensures that each Luna Pixel Cushion has they same over-arching theme and color scheme, but no two cushions are exactly alike. To most, a pixel is nothing more than a small dot of color, but the folks at Zuzunaga see an ingenious way to permanently store images. In this way, Pixels not only act as a map of a digital image, they act as a map for a real, physical place.

  • Cushions can be washed at 40°C
  • Outer material: Trevira CS printed in Denmark by Kvadrat
  • Inner Material: 50% duck feathers 50% ball fibers
  • Size: 40 x 40 cm
  • Model: 303003090057