Zuzunaga Quaternio Green Throw Blanket | Merino Wool

By Zuzunaga


Part of Zuzunaga's Integrate: Time & Space Collection, the Quaternio Green Throw Blanket evokes an evolution of squares. Beginning with 42 squares, this blanket's design creates the illusion of zooming inward to intentionally reduce of the pattern of of color contrast. Visually only four squares remain, and in doing so this pattern plays with scale to center and refocus the viewers gaze. Drawing its purpose and meaning from Jungian Psychology, the Quaternio represents one of the four interdependent functions of the human ego: Feeling, Thinking Intuition and Sensation. All Quaternio Throw Blankets are crafted in Spain using ecologically-friendly merino wool.

  • Materials: 100% Merino Wool
  • Size: 140cm x 180cm
  • Model: 204001010026 or 204002010027