Zuzunaga Zoom Out 2 Throw Blanket | MerIno Wool

By Zuzunaga


A further exploration into the power of pixels, the Zoom Out 1 throw Blanket from Zuzunaga's Bitmap Collection pays tribute to English painter Bridget Riley (a true exponent of Op Art). When viewed from a distance, this print's manipulation of geometric forms creates an optical illusion that evokes sensations of movement and 3 dimensional form. On the contrary when viewed very closely, one picks up on other stimuli like the blanket's rich color, lustrous texture and intricate yarn composition. Each Zoom In Throw Blanket is crafted in Spain using 100% merino wool.

  • Material:100% Extra Fine Italian Merino Wool
  • Size: 140 x 180cm
  • Model: 21000008