LEGO Timepieces

Who can forget the iconic look of the LEGO brick?  The small interlocking plastic pieces that unleashed your childhood imagination are back and bursting with style in the new LEGO adult watches line.

Featuring interchangeable straps, links, and bezels these watches provide a virtually limitless number of style combinations.  Available in digital, analog, and chronograph models each watch features a new and unique LEGO-inspired design.  Whether you prefer a more mature and sleek look or a design that leans toward bold and youthful designs, you can have it all with the colorful and unforgettable style of LEGO. 

In addition to their new and stylish adult watch line, LEGO also offers a wide array of children's watches and alarm clocks featuring their favorite characters from the DC Universe, Star Wars, Ninjago, Legends of Chima, and the LEGO Movie.

Available from $85 to $185, the LEGO watch system ensures everybody can have an inspiring and playful look without breaking the bank.  Strap into fun and ageless style with a new LEGO watch from today!

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