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Top 10 | Uncommon Goods
Unique product you didn't know you needed..  


Top 10 | Uncommon Goods

In a sea of internet shopping, there are so many choices, but what products out there are standing out from the rest of em?

We've narrowed down our Top 10 Uncommon Goods that are cool, unusual and unique.  From the cozy ostrich pillow and classic double hammock to insulated packable slippers - or even a transparent speaker -- it seems like you've just struck gold with these unique product you didn't know you needed.

Transparent Sound Small Transparent Speaker

The new Small Transparent Speaker is carefully designed down to every detail. The product is refined to the essential elements, constructed by one single aluminum “uniframe” and tempered glass panels. This speaker is designed to be as much an interior object as a great sounding piece of technology, but also to be upgraded over time. It comes with Bluetooth™, but it is also ready for whatever tech that might be useful in coming years. An aspiration to become better over time.

SHOP NOW - $550


Ostrichpillow Original Travel Cocoon Pillow

Ever had such a slow day at work that you wished you could just doze off for a minute or two? Well wish no more, now you can!

With the Ostrich Pillow, it's snooze time 24/7. Whether you're at the office, the park, or even on the subway, the Ostrich Pillow creates a snuggly space for you to relax and unwind. No matter where you are, you'll be comfy & cozy... just make sure your boss doesn't catch you!

SHOP NOW - $99


Craighill Venn Puzzle | Stainless Steel

A kickstarter favorite. The Craighill Venn Puzzle in Stainless Steel is a beautiful mechanical puzzle comprised of three identical pieces. Each piece is die-cast in stainless steel that makes up one-third of the sphere by volume. Challenging and intriguing puzzle for a beautiful desk accessory. Keep it on a desk, shelf, or coffee table as a decoration, game, or paper weight.

SHOP NOW - $95


Mojow Yomi Inflatable Sofa

Classy inflatable furniture that is both trendy and functional. Mojow is rewriting the conventions of both interior and exterior decorative trends.‎ The unique and innovative Yomi Inflatable 2 seater Sofa incorporates metal frameworks with inflatable components to produce practical, resistant furniture that is easy to maintain and takes minutes to set up. Comes in transparent colors for customization simply by filling it with your favorites things to match interiors. Indoors or out for an easy to move around and store away.‎ Makes this the best furniture for a bold statement indoors or no mess seating by the poolside.

SHOP NOW - $670


Slow North Facial Roller | Rose Quartz

The ancient beauty ritual of facial rolling massages the skin and encourages lymphatic drainage away from the face. Facial rollers massage the lymphatic system to help rid the body of toxins and waste. This daily ritual may help improve overall firmness, circulation, and fine lines. Our facial rollers feature a small insert piece to protect the stone from direct contact with the metal handles, preventing any unpleasant squeaking or tarnishing you may have experienced with other facial rollers.

SHOP NOW - $34


Lorena Canals Azteca Washable Rug

From the oldest art to the current trends, the Aztec collection will add a vintage touch to any corner. 100% cotton and machine washable. Its pastel/ vibrant tones are perfect for the living room, dining room or bedroom, as well as children's rooms for girls. In addition to its ethnic motifs, the pompom on two sides of the rug gives a unique, original style with loads of personality. Handmade by artisans, it is safe since natural dyes were used, and light since it is made of cotton.

SHOP NOW - $269


Subu Indoor/Outdoor Packable Slippers | Insulated

Designed in Japan, SUBU is unique footwear; a combination of a house-shoe, a sandal and a quirky sneaker in one product. SUBU is lined with plush faux-fur so slipping your feet into a SUBU slipper is like a warm down-jacket for your feet. SUBU is ideal for wearing while relaxing on a flight, camping trip or after an all-day hike in the mountains. The packable upper uses ripstop nylon, which is often used in outdoor products. Light and durable fabric with excellent water repellency and durability. The folded shape can be maintained with the folding band.

SHOP NOW - $69


Senz Original Umbrella | Midnight Blue

Multiple winners for prestigious design awards, the Senz Original Midnight Blue is the umbrella of the future. Aerodynamically designed for strong wind and to protect against all weather conditions, this innovative stylish umbrella will be your best friend in keeping you dry.

SHOP NOW - $69


Courant Catch: 3 Wireless Charging Pebble-Grain Leather - $175

A hybrid desk tray and wireless phone charger; Courant's Catch 3 juxtaposes practically and subtle beauty. Crafted with fine pebble grain leather, the Catch 3 boasts fast, wireless charging with seamless Qi compatibility. An additional USB-A port is included to accommodate additional devices.

SHOP NOW - $175


Yellow Leaf Classic Double Hammock | Big Sur

Yellow Leaf Hammocks creates the Big Sur Classic Double Hammock with super soft performance yarn that is both weather safe and fade-proof. Handwoven, the Big Sur Classic Double can hold up to 400 pounds. Yellow Leaf includes a "Hammocking 101" hanging guide and a hammock tote with each Classic Double Hammock.

SHOP NOW - $149

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