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Salute to summer! Upgrade your gear and be prepared for anything in the season of long days with hot weather and high chances of adventure. With America’s birthday around the corner, it opens up the high season for soaking up sun rays, mountain trekking, backyard BBQs, and camping in the woods.
Get your 4th of July checklist on deck to celebrate the all-American way. Fireworks? Check. Party or travel plans? Roger that. Need a festive, but not over-the-top, red-white-blue outfit or gear that doesn’t look like Captain America’s outfit? We can help. And even if you’ve got an outfit, a little bit of accessorizing never hurt...all with products that were born in the USA.
Even though Captain America has been (arguably) dubbed Best Dressed Superhero, you won’t need to don skin-tight gear to stay fashion-forward and show that you’re proud to be an American. Whether you're hitting the trails, the grills, or the beach, we've got the perfect homegrown options for you.

 For the Style Trailblazer

Shwood Stone Sunglasses


Shwood | Made in Portland, Oregon

Coming to you straight from the Pacific Northwest's Stumptown, Shwood's goal is to always create products that express one's individuality. Shwood's Stone Sunglasses fuse genuine slate with premium Birch and Walnut wood, creating their most innovative product to date.

Topo Designs x Woolrich Rover Pack

Topo Designs | Made in Denver, Colorado

With each Topo Designs piece you own, you carry a part of their Colorado community. They've recently combined forces with outdoor brand Woolrich to create a new twist with some of their timeless fabrics. The Topo Rover Pack Backpacks come in tons of colorways, but we just had to show our affinity for the red, white, and blue.

For the Urban Adventurer

Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses


Randolph Engineering | Made in Randolph, Massachusetts 

How's this for patriotic? Randolph Engineering originally built their classic Aviator for the U.S. Military, surpassing rigid mil-spec standards. As a standard issue since 1982, these sunglasses are battle tested and ready to take on the most rigorous and demanding use.

Chrome Citizen Russ Pope Messenger 



Chrome | Made in San Francisco, California

Well known by bike messengers everywhere, and a staple in San Francisco, Chrome bags are built to last a lifetime. Featuring the iconic seat belt buckle closure, Chrome bags are a true testament to American made quality and ingenuity. The Citizen Messenger Bag is the heart of Chrome's bag line, but only scratches the surface of their expansive line offering unique carry technology and functionality.



Kletterwerks | Made in Bozeman, Montana

Kletterwerks has been producing specialized bags for the outdoorsman since 1975. Kletter, meaning "climbing" in German defines the nature of these bags that bring together thoughtful and functional design with refined style and versatility. Montana's Kletterwerks originally designed the Flip Backpack for alpine climbing, setting a standard for backpack design and construction for 40 years. Hand crafted in the U.S.A. to this day, the Flip has added conveniences for the modern traveler.

It's summer! Get out there and soak up some adventure. We've got all the perfect gear that balances out function and fashion, so support our brands that keep it homegrown, keeping American quality and ingenuity alive and kicking!

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