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Finding the Lewis to Your Clark
Have you found your adventure companion?

Finding the Lewis to Your Clark
Remember when you’d come back from summer vacation and everyone would go around and swap stories?
We do. With social media taking place of the back-to-school summer story comparisons, we are more than eager to share what we’re doing, and we want to look Instagram-worthy.
Whether you’re adventuring out solo or with friends, what we want to know is: have you really found your perfect adventure companion?
We’re here to help.

Boblbee Lifestyle at Sportique


 For the hiker, motorcycle mobber, or cycling commuter (because cycling in the city can be an adventure in itself)

Sportique Boblbee Point 65 Spirit GT 20L
Going on a weekend ride across the country or up and down the California coast? Or maybe you just want to up your street cred? Not only were Point 65's Boblbee backpacks specifically designed for the rider, but this bag has a hard and waterproof shell to protect everything you’ve got. This backpack evenly distributes weight, making the heaviest packs still easy to carry. And while reviews claim these packs are unbreakable and can handle being driven over a car, we wouldn’t encourage it. Take this bag traveling or to work, and you’ll never have to worry about its contents (or your back!) being damaged.


For the capable camper types

We’re a fan of Poler and their funky designs, and we’re sure you’ll love them, too. Poler’s two-person tents have everything you’d want from a tent, and some: there’s an eye shaped window to star-gaze. Cue the romance.

Sportique Poler Napsack Black

 And it doesn’t stop there. Throw in a Poler Napsack and feel like you’ve got the typical Silicon Valley uniform on (it looks like a hoodie a la Mark Zuckerberg). Others argue it looks like a snuggie, but either way, you’re guaranteed to be warm, cozy, and stylish.

For the snorkeler or destination diver

Liquid Image Hydra Mask Sportique


Who really has time to fumble with an underwater camera or pray that your life-proof iPhone case really is going to protect your prized possession from the open seas? Free up your hands with Liquid Image’s Hydra Dive Mask. Decked out with high definition video and photography, your hands will be free to help you swim without worry. (Unless you’re afraid of sharks…)

For the sightseeing shutterbug

Sportique GoPro Hero4 CameraBecause come on, whatever we do these days--commuting on a motorcycle, running a Tough Mudder, surfing, bungee-jumping, biking across the Golden Gate bridge, wading in the water, you name it--we document it best while using a GoPro. We've got tons of accessories to add on to your favorite mini camera. Check out the full line here.

For the laidback social butterfly

Sportique United by Blue Lunch Bag
Because any activity can be an adventure! United by Blue puts an eco-friendly, modern spin on the paper bag. Take your lunch to work or pack it along for your next outdoor picnic. Not only would you be reducing the pile of trash in your own bins, but for every product sold, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways. We call that a win-win.


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