Chrome Industries: City-Made. City-Tested.

If you were on a scavenger hunt through the streets of San Francisco, you'd be sure to knock some items off your list pretty quickly: SF Giants and Golden State Warriors fans, Philz Coffee guzzlers, bike commuters, and of course, Chrome Industries bags.

Odds are you'll also see these Chrome bags attached to the aforementioned bike commuters (hey, 2-for-1!). Don't know what these bags look like? Trust us, you've seen 'em. With their flashy and iconic chrome-plated seatbelt buckles on their bags, Chrome Industries has taken the world by storm by way of San Francisco. And it's pretty easy to see why. With a few yards of Cordura, military grade truck tarpaulin, and "bombproof" gear, Chrome has hit the sweet spot where form and fashion intersect.  

Their innovations include the quick release buckle and load stabilizing strap, making these the perfect bag of choice for commuters all over the city, and all over the world. Without ever sacrificing their commitment to making useful and durable gear, Chrome has outfitted professional messengers, fixed freestyle riders, and urban commuters—the heartbeat of any major city.  

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