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With the certainty that mental wellbeing is the foundation of every form of physical exercise, District Vision designs sports sunglasses that are made to enhance performance and functionality simultaneously.

District Vision was founded in 2015 by Tom Daly and Max Vallot, two friends from college who moved to New York City and discovered the importance of running and meditation. From there, they became fascinated with developing tools to help runners perform at their highest potential. Their first experiment began over two years ago testing running glasses on different athletes in the city. The popular Keiichi running sunglasses were perfected by relying on both the athlete's feedback and Japanese technology.

The Mindful Athlete Program (MAP) focuses on providing an open-minded, non-dogmatic environment to explore movement and meditation. By offering exercises in breath-awareness and restorative movement, District Vision’s program aims to help runners release tension, stress, and anxiety. Feel free to email for more information on upcoming mindfulness programs.

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District Vision Sunglasses Styles

Whether you’re a marathon runner or you simply run from time to time to stay healthy, District Vision has a wide variety of sports frames that are perfect for every face shape and lifestyle. With a goal of reducing strain on the eye caused by physical exertion, the brand conducts experiments about eye protection and relaxation to allow athletes and explorers the opportunity to reach their full potential. Scroll to learn more about each style.

Keiichi Running Sunglasses


As the brand’s most popular style, the Keiichi running sunglasses are truly one of a kind. After over two years in the technical testing period, which involved Japanese engineering and athletes from New York City, the lightest and most comfortable sports glasses were born. Featuring D+ lens technology, an adjustable hypoallergenic rubber nose pad, and temple tips with a titanium core, you can expect the highest quality possible and assurance that your eyes will be protected during your entire workout.

Nagata Speed Blade


The Nagata speed blade by District Vision is made up of an ultra-lightweight nylon and titanium frame construction. Optimal for most performance conditions, this style stays comfortable even when its windy or cloudy. Also, the Nagata’s fashionable frame style makes it a great accessory to have when making errands, driving, or even going out to lunch with co-workers.

Kaishiro Explorer


With a reinforced hinge and 55-millimeter diameter lens, the Kaishiro sunglasses are designed and engineered to take on anything. Not only are they extremely comfortable, the frame has been tested by runners in California, Colorado, and New York City.

Yukari Windshield


If you frequent windy areas often, the Yukari windshield is the best running frame for you. It was designed with an extra-wide, 58mm lens to offer additional stability and protection from dust and other particles in the air. This level of peripheral protection is unbeatable, and especially if you are training for a race, the Yukari sunglasses from District Vision may become your new best friend.



Tested on hundreds of athletes, the Nako boasts a universal fit for larger head shapes and multiple sports. To extend the wearer’s upper field of view, these sunglasses have a rounded top and lens height of 46mm. For the competitor who plays several sports or likes to be physical in different ways, the Nako is surely the right fit for a well-rounded, busy lifestyle.

Junya Racer


The Junya Racer effortlessly wraps around the head for the highest level of visual clarity and protection at high speeds. It is an 8 base frame featuring a hand sculpted lens and custom shaped temples, making it great for cyclers and runners alike. The D+ lens technology is both shatterproof and anti-scratch, and is made from a proprietary form of polycarbonate material. It is also water and oil-repellent because of the lens’ oleophobic treatment.

District Vision Lens Types

As for deciding which lens is right for you, consider the light conditions you typically run in and how much sun exposure you are accustomed to while outside. Check out the four lens types that District Vision has created to optimize visibility and keep your eyes protected.

District Sky G15 Lens

The District Sky G15 lens provides maximum sun protection while allowing 11.57% light transmission. The lens is made in Japan and has been tested by numerous New York City-based athletes. The lens has a black tint, making it sleek-looking and versatile.

District Black Rose Lens

Ideal for trail running and other activities with changing light conditions, the D+ Black Rose lens is an advanced sports lens that enhances visibility because of variable light transmission, which can change from 15.6% to 35.15%. If you like to change up your routine, the District Black Rose lens gives you protection and comfort in pretty much any light condition.

D+ Water Lens

District Vision’s D+ water lens was designed for those who are always around water. The lens blocks all reflected light and direct sun rays. Protecting our eyes to the full extent is extremely important, as every time we expose our eyes to sunlight, they become increasingly sensitive.

District Sports Yellow Lens

Great for sunset and sunrise runs, District Sports Yellow is a shatterproof polycarbonate lens that can make the environment look brighter than it is because of its high light transmission. If you continually find yourself outside during low light conditions, this lens will surely optimize your training.


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