Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Under $100

It's that time of year again... time to start shopping for every person on your list for the upcoming holiday season. From home decor to stylish accessories, finding inexpensive gifts has never been so easy. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite gifts for under $100. With the holidays quickly approaching, scroll to find a unique gift that fits every person in your life's personality and style.

Juniper Ridge Solid Perfume

Solid Perfume from Juniper Ridge


Juniper Ridge: Solid Trail Perfume in Coastal Pine

Take a bit of the wilderness wherever you go with the Unisex Solid Trail Perfume from Juniper Ridge. A perfect gift for the person in your life who is happiest outside, this aromatic perfume travels easily and is made from essential oil blends. By rubbing the solid perfume with your finger, simply apply to wrists, neck, and temples for a subtle, natural scent. The Coastal Pine scent notes include resinous pine, citrusy confiner, and ocean air.


Orbitkey keychain

Keychain from Orbitkey


Orbitkey: Leather Keychain in Black and Tan

Made for the person on the go, the leather keychain is a practical and durable keychain made to store keys in an innovative way. Crafted from dependable, dust-resistant TPU polymer, this black keychain organizes keys, eliminates key scratches, and stops key jingles for good. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves new gadgets that make everyday life easier, Orbitkey has the perfect inexpensive accessory.

SHOP NOW: $39.90


Element Case iPhone X

Rev iPhone X Case from Element Case


Element Case: Rev iPhone X Case

In an age where we are constantly using our smartphones, it is imperative to protect them from accidents. Element Case, a leader in the phone case market, continually pushes boundaries with cutting-edge innovative designs to boost durability and performance. At an unbeatable price, the Rev Case is the perfect gift for the tech junkie or accident-prone individual. Pair this phone case with a brand new iPhone X for the most technologically updated friend or family member.

SHOP NOW: $34.95


Izipi Reading Glasses C-Frame

Reading Glasses from Izipizi


Izipizi: C-Frame Reading Glasses

With a wide ranges of color options, the Izipizi C-Frame Reading Glasses immediately help to improve eyesight, and not to mention, are fun and fashionable. With an assortment of Rx strength from +1 to +3 in diopter, you can pick the strength that works best for you. This unisex, universal model looks great on all face shapes, making it a great present for the person in your life who desperately needs to update their reading glasses.



Ranger Station Wax-Based Candle

Soy Based Wax Candle from Ranger Station


Ranger Station: Soy Based Wax Candle in Copal

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift that caters to anyone’s preferences, a candle is always a good option. This soy-based wax candle from Ranger Station brings the lovely fireplace scent into your home without the difficulty of setting up the fireplace. The candle captures blending sandalwood, charred timber, patchouli to create a warm and inviting aura to any home. The brand invokes the experiences and memories of people’s lives that are captured and poured into a unique scent. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a nice-smelling candle?



Reed Wilson Design Doormat

Doormat from Reed Wilson Design


Reed Wilson Design: Welcome to the Jungle Doormat

Need to find a gift for the person who is obsessed with decorating their home? Look no further, because Reed Wilson Design’s “Welcome to the Jungle” Doormat is a great way to make any home entrance more fun. It is made with natural coir (coconut) fiber bristles inserted into a weatherproof vinyl backing. The design is applied through an electrostatic flocking process that bonds the coir fibers with the black fibers. Be sure to check out Reed Wilson Design’s full collection, which is filled with fun and innovative home décor.



Miansai Hook on Bracelet

Hook On Bracelet from Miansai


Miansai: Hook On Bracelet in Black Leather

A cool accessory for any man in your life, the Miansai Hook on Bracelet completes every look for any occasion. It is constructed with black full grain Italian leather and is finished with a black PVD plated hook closure. The bracelet’s sleek design fits the lifestyle of both a city-dweller and a man who prefers the wilderness.



Bertucci A-1S Field Watch

Field Watch from Bertucci


Bertucci: A-1S Field Watch

This Bertucci A-1S Field Watch offers optimal performance for a great price. Known by many as the quintessentially simple timepiece, this watch is crafted to survive whatever comes its way. With multiple nylon wristbands to choose from, it is easy to match anyone’s style preferences with their watch. If someone in your life is constantly late or asking for a time-check, it’s time to get them a watch. With well-built performance and durable quality, Bertucci watches will not disappoint.



Mahabis Slippers

Slippers from Mahabis


Mahabis: Classic Slippers in Larvik Grey

These slippers from Mahabis make a great gift because they have the comfort of traditional moccasins with the practicality of an outdoor shoe. They are lined with 100% merino wool and constructed with a TPU performance-grade fixed sole. Made to feel the comfort of home wherever you go, these European-style slippers are undeniably unique and perfect for fall and winter seasons.



Faribault Wool Utility Blanket

Wool Utility Blanket from Faribault


Faribault: Wool Blanket in Olive

Because simple gifts are sometimes the best gifts of all times, the Faribault Wool Blanket is the ultimate gift idea for anyone who loves to be cozy. As the perfect throw for camping, taking to the beach, or to use at home, Faribault does not disappoint when it comes to creating a versatile and usable blanket. Made from 75% recycled wool and a touch of poly-nylon for durability, the blanket in naturally breathable and odor resistant so it will keep you cool when it’s warm outside and cozy when it’s cold.

SHOP NOW: $110



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