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Explore: Techni-Colorado
It's not all smoke and mirrors.

Explore: Techni-Colorado
It didn't take that much time, but...I'm in love with Colorado.

From great weather, to ever-present mountains, to delicious food of all kinds, you can’t go wrong. Just right outside the city are some of the nation’s highest peaks and home to some of the greatest hiking trails.  

There are over 50 mountain peaks that reach above 14,000 ft in Colorado, and many try to climb them all within their lifetime. My personal favorite for first timers is Mount Bierstadt, known for it’s nice gradual trail up the mountain side—this trail is forgiving if you’re not in the best of shape.

My hike up Mt. Bierstadt was a perfect blue sky day. As I made my way up the trail there were wildflowers everywhere. As a Californian, I don’t get to experience vast spaces full of bright green grass and technicolored flowers on the side of a mountain often, making this experience stick out in my mind. On the contrary, it seemed like a normal Sunday morning activity for young Colorado families to make their way up 14ers at 7am. Some parents were even carrying their napping kids up the mountain. Talk about an impressive sight. 

If climbing 14,000 ft above sea level is not for you, there are over forty different parks open to the public in Colorado. With some of the most rewarding views and a sense of accomplishment, you can’t go wrong hiking anywhere in Colorado.

Oh, and as a reward for your hike, go out to get a bite to eat because the food is incredible...(thanks Colorado for blessing us with Smashburger and Chipotle!) and I guess mountains are pretty cool, too.

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Hank Siltanen
Hank Siltanen

July 22, 2016

Striking photography of nature’s magnificence, well presented.

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