Keep Your Hand (a) Secrid

Flashback: two years ago. This day marked the first of my next four years. Standing in a sea of 500 other freshmen—just as young and confused as I am—I’m excited for what the night will bring. It’s the first night of August orientation: Casino Night.

After moving in, we were armed with fake tokens and cash to spend at the game tables. I made my way to the poker table to earn some prizes. I told my teammate that I was good at poker and would win her something.

Throwback to Casino Night, 2014

Knowing nothing about poker, except that you weren’t supposed to show your hand, I quickly pulled out my wallet with extra gusto, hoping to make a grand gesture to show my new classmates I knew what I was doing.

Just then I realized that I was just like any other freshman: lost. I looked down to find my coins missing. Not only was my fake poker money gone but so was my crisp new student ID. I walked away in shame as my teammate laughed at me. If only I had a better way of organizing my tokens and student ID...

Then, I discovered Secrid.

College is a crazy time full of new adventures, so I didn't have time for a bulky, unorganized wallet to keep me down. Using advanced technology, Secrid wallets change the way we protect our belongings and reduce bulk. With this new wallet, I won’t need to worry when I try and show off in front of my friends. The next time I find myself at a poker table, I’ll be able to keep both my hand and tokens a secret.

Photos | Katie Hubert, Kathlyn Craigie
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