Modern Contemporary Interiors

Modern contemporary interior designs perfectly balance the sleek, edgy style of a modern room with the softer and warmer characteristics of a contemporary room. Discover how to achieve a look similar to the Scandinavian-style design.

How to Do More with Less

One of the key characteristics of minimalist interior design is a balanced, simple color scheme. Use a simple palette of black and white tones with natural accents such as this wooden dining table. Throw in simple, functional decoration like a comfy throw to bring your room together. Make sure to keep your counters clutter-free by adding a decorative bowl. This provides a classy accent to your space and an easy way to stay mess-free.

Tips for a Balanced Living Space

Maximize Natural Lighting

What is the best way to create a balanced contemporary space? Take advantage of natural lighting! See how in this room, large windows allow light to float through, brightening and opening the space.

Keep Your Space Clutter-Free

To maintain balance, keep it clutter-free. This Scandinavian-style room revolves around a clean, simple design. The openness allows the area to breathe and become an inviting, cozy living room.

Minimalist Furniture Maximizes Space

Add simple, functional furniture. A simple piece of furniture such as the shell dowel armchair retains its function, but doesn’t dominate or overwhelm the room. Another great asset for this space is the wooden sideboard. It provides ample storage for quick cleanups and uncluttering, and adds to the contemporary style of the room.

How to Create a Natural Modern Contemporary Interior Design

This room exemplifies the perfect natural modern contemporary design. Add furniture with earthy brown and orange tones. The color of the mid-century modern chair and couch complement the wooden coffee and side tables. Add some texture, like the white pillow, simple area rug, and the orange throw. This perfectly ties the room together and creates a natural interior.

How to Design a Scandinavian-Style Kitchen

Open Floor Space

One of the most important characteristics of Scandinavian-inspired interiors is natural, open space. Don’t make the dining room and kitchen two separate rooms. Instead, add a simple area rug. It perfectly separates the area while maintaining the openness of the style. This, in combination with the ample natural light, creates a perfectly balanced and functional living space.

Natural Materials

Add natural materials to your design as another great way to create this Nordic style, such as wood. The wooden legs on the minimalist dining chairs and the wooden dining table are great assets to the room. Add plants and other greenery to further achieve this look.

Light, Simple Colors

In addition to using natural materials, use natural colors. A minimalist approach to decorating, simple color schemes help accentuate the natural aesthetics of the Scandinavian style and maintain a calm energy. Place simple, white dining chairs at your table, and add a minimalist white ceramic planter to complete the look.

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