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The 5 Wardrobe Essentials for Sophisticated Gentlemen

Being a gentleman never goes out of style.

The 5 Wardrobe Essentials for Sophisticated Gentlemen

How many times have you looked at the wardrobe thinking about what you’re missing? Surely you are a fine and good-looking man, but do your accessories tell the same story? If you aren’t sure, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our team has selected the top five must-have wardrobe essentials for any gentleman, from watches to shoes. You know what they say, being a gentleman never goes out of style. Time for you to suit up!

1. Professional & Practical Bags

Think practically about the weight and functions when choosing a bag. We all want to look good while walking on the street but the truth is that it’s not always practical. Think about how many things you normally carry daily before you commit to a bag, or if necessary consider having a couple of go-to options depending on the day.


If you insist on carrying lots of stuff each day, a messenger bag, a duffle bag or something with more storage space will suit you better. However, if you’re more of a minimalist, the leather strap style bags could be a perfect choice like this courier briefcase from Bradley Mountain. Easily hold your laptop, your leather portfolio, and your notepad in different separated inner layers of the bag keeping the inside organized, and the outside stylish.

For the public transit commuters, a backpack might be the most practical option. Keep everything comfortable and secure so you can ride your bike, take the subways or walk without losing anything along the way. If that’s you, we have chosen the top 10 practical and stylish backpacks for commuters, which you can read here: The 10 Best Communter Backpacks


Popular Options

Bradley Mountain Nixon Calle Messenger Bag United by Blue ONA Backpack



2. Minimalist Wallets

A wallet is the one accessory which is mostly overlooked in men’s attire. We know what types of suits to wear based on different occasions. But do we know as much when it comes to wallets? Here we have few tips for you.


Three aspects we need to consider before choosing the right wallets. How many compartments it has, what material it’s made from, and how much does it cost?

Multiple compartments keep your essentials organized. For frequent travelers, the classic hold-everything tri-fold wallet is perfect. For frequent travelers, the classic hold-everything Bellroy passport sleeve wallet is an all-time favorite with ample compartments for organization and specialized storage for your boarding pass and passport.

As for the office going crowd, maybe a credit card and driver’s license are the only two things you need. In that case, a bi-fold wallet will get the job done while reducing bulk, like DUN’s premium leather, super slim wallets.

The price of a wallet can differ pretty drastically by materials, functionality and manufacturing so take your time to find your perfect fit. Our team has fully considered all three of those aspects and more, presented here in our article: The 10 Best Minimalist Wallets


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Ezra Arthur No.3 Nomad Horween Leather Wallet Peroni Leather Wallet Secrid Mini Wallet



3. Footwear

Several rules to follow while purchasing footwear.

First, the right shoes for the right occasion. Yes, that means you need to own multiple pairs of shoes.
You probably don’t wear sneakers to a business meeting and similarly don’t wear leather shoes to a backyard BBQ party. You need at least one for work, one for weekends and one for working out. We’d argue that three pairs are still not enough, but you get the idea.


Second, match your shoes to your outfit.
We all want to look like we care while feeling like we don’t. So how do we hit that perfect classy casual that goes with any jeans and shirt? Canvas. The perfect balance of more-than-sneaker class combined with more-than-sneaker comfort. Pick grey or light blue for your darker jeans, and navy for your stonewashed jeans. Not into canvas? Try ankle boots or work boots for that more rugged twist.

Third, take good care of your shoes.
Sure, we get new ones when old ones wear out. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t maintain that clean look and shine while we’re still wearing them. Here are some tips. Polish your leather shoes regularly with products containing mink oil and shea butter. Too much trouble? At least rub the dust off when you get home for prolonged life. Another tip - save newspapers. If you get caught in the rain while coming home, stuff your shoes with newspapers to soak up the moisture and prevent permanent damage. Finally, get a cleaning kit for your shoes. Clean shoes go a long way towards a good impression.


Popular Options

Baabuk Wool Sneaker Gola Men's Suedu Sneaker Creative Recreation Sneakers Creative Recreation Vito Sneakers



4. Watches

Every man should own a watch. In fact, every man should own multiple watches. One for casual nights, one for work and one for fitness. Why do we need so many watches? Refer to the section on shoes.


Casual nights, casual watches. The only key point for buying a casual watch is finding the appearance that fits your personality. Not always easy, so here is one trick for picking the watch. Go for a wooden or titanium texture strap over leather strap. Leather straps give people an impression of professional, classic and elegant, but wooden or titanium straps say easygoing, chill and adventurous. For leather strap lovers, don't worry, we will get it covered later.

For dress watches, the sole function is to complement more formal business attire. Accurate timekeeping is not important, simplicity is. Start with proper proportions to your wrist. It also should be thin enough to slip in and out of the dress shirt cuff easily. The style should be simple and elegant. Sekford and Rossling do this exceptionally well.


After a stressful week of competing with the professional world, transition to competing with your own fitness goals tracked and complemented by an activity tracking watch. In this category functionality is everything. For basic daily tracking like mileage and heart rate a standard intelligent bracelet will do. However, for the more tech savvy, multi-faceted athlete a fitness watch can track multiple sports like running, cycling, and swimming for speed, pace, distance, altitude and a lot more. They will also support the rest of your multi-tasked life with phone notifications, sleep tracking, built-in music players, and contactless payment solutions. Maybe you don’t actually need more than one watch..



Popular Options

Triwa Duke Spira Junghans automatic wristwatch Suunto fitness watch Garmin GPS Watch



5. Sunglasses

What matters most when choosing your sunglasses? Whether they match your face shape or not. Look at the mirror and perform self-checks now, we’ll wait. Ready? Here are some suggestions for the most common face shapes.

Oval-shaped face
First of all, congrats. Almost all kinds of sunglasses suit you. Check out the newest styles to see which style of shades you are still missing. Take the extra time to focus more on your hair and shirt is the only suggestion we have for you.


Square face
Nothing exudes more masculinity than a broad jawline and chiseled cheeks. For chiseled guys round shades add charisma while also accentuating the shape of your face.


Round face
Since your face height and width are similar, we recommend some shades with harder angles. Rectangular sunglasses are the perfect choice giving your round face a longer appearance, which naturally makes your face more distinguished.


Popular Options

Han Kjobenhavn Shwood Prescott Sunglasses RestroSuperFuture Randolph Engineering concorde sunglasses



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