(Poké)Ball is Life

There are those who like to play outside and those who play video games. Now, we can all come together.

Pokémon Go. Like it, hate it, understand it, or don’t...you’ve certainly heard of it. We have friends who’ve received office memos about it (you know, to not photograph Pokémon in classified areas), there’s an article about a US veteran who took a break from fighting ISIS to catch Squirtle, and of course, with the internet being the world's biggest digital playground, there is an ever-growing collection of photos with people playing the game.

The game has much pretty taken the Sportique team by storm (at least temporarily) and we’ve found ourselves adding some Pokémon hunting time to our daily walks. Commutes and the mundane ins and outs of just plain adulting have leveled up with this little bit from childhood. Call us “Stella”, ‘cause we’re definitely getting our groove back.

But is this game really that addictive...is Pokéball really life? I polled my friends and people all over the city of San Francisco to find out.

Off to a solid start on BART.

Even the office isn’t safe from the game.

Neither is the Sportique shop on 808 Sutter.

Is nothing sacred!? Zubat-cha.

Nothing like playing a phone game...while playing board games.

Or keeping your (Rou)cool with a watchful eye over you while you eat.

My poor dog has no idea that I only walked him an extra bit longer to catch some Pokémon.


Conclusion: Well. That didn’t work out as well as I thought, but the positive thing is that people are getting out there, soaking up some rays and “playing” outside...right?

While we're on the topic of getting more exercise and not staying in to play videos games: this summer, Sportique will be partnering up with Fit Kids, an organization dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle among children. As an active lifestyle company, it’s crucial for us to encourage healthy behavior from the get-go, before your little Pokémon evolve. So whether you (and your kids) are outside and exercising the old-fashioned way or out there trying to become a Pokémon Master, we’re all for it (as long as it’s responsible).

Because, as my wildly scientific and official research has indicated, Pokéball is life.


Photos | Katie Hubert
Pokemon Go Photos | Courtesy of users 5f0oter, Mon4Tay, chareyzard, and our store staff!

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