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Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors knows the struggle of being fully prepared at all times for any possible situation to occur. If you love outdoor adventures, work a job with high-level risk, or just crave that feeling of preparedness, you should think about investing in a tactical watch. 

It’s true that smart phones can be of utmost assistance during any difficult task or adventure, but what happens when the battery runs out or cell service is unavailable? Suddenly, you’re out of luck.

A military-style watch will come to the rescue in this sort of situation. Versatile, strong and durable, tactical watches have features that are equipped to survive the worst conditions. With water-resistant capabilities and illuminated dials, rugged watches are the ultimate accessory for risk takers.

Traser watches

trigalight®: Tritium Technology by traser H3

Without requiring an external power supply or sunlight, trigalight® technology illuminates watch features to allow easy readability in low light and complete darkness. Tiny glass tubes are coated on the inner side with a thin layer of phosphor powder and filled with a small amount of tritium gas and sealed airtight. Once the phosphor powder is exposed to the electrons from the tritium gas, the phosphor emits light in vivid colors. The only worldwide manufacturer of this innovative watch illumination technology is mb-microtec, who contributes their overall success to decades of research and development.

traser H3

Traser watches

In 1989, swiss-made brand traser H3 introduced the world’s first self-illuminated watch by mb-microtec, developed largely for military use. When the US army requested a high quality, durable timepiece equipped with illumination technology according to updated MIL-W-48374F military specifications, the P6500 Type 6 Watch was designed using Oskar Thüler’s invention of trigalight®.
Known for their incomparable self-illuminated brightness with Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS) and extreme functionality, traser H3 watches are sold not only to military personnel, but also to outdoor enthusiasts looking for purpose-built designs.
Traser H3 watches are hand-assembled in Switzerland and have a lifespan of at least 10 years, guaranteed by mb-microtec. As the industry leader, every traser H3® swiss H3 watch is 100 times more luminous than any comparable product.

Traser watches


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As a family run USA based company, Lüm-Tec produces superior watches with the best materials and components available. Products are handcrafted by a team of professional watchmakers for quality assurance.
MDV technology is used in every watch to provide a luminescent glow to hands and dial features, making accurate time telling easy to read in the day or night. The process involves a 6 to 8 layer application of Super-LumiNova over a chemical coated white base. Through innovation, the company continues to enhance and improve their illumination technology.
Additionally, Lüm-Tec’s commitment to excellent customer service makes them increasingly impressive. You can personally contact the brand’s president, Chris Weigand, through their website if you experience any issues with any Lüm-Tec purchase.


ArmourLite Brand

Armourlite Watch Company was established in 2007 by Ashley Diener and is based in Miami, Florida. Under the brand names Armourlite and Isobrite, the company manufactures Swiss tritium illuminated watches. Armourlite watches are specifically known for combining shatterproof glass construction with tritium illumination to produce affordable products.
Isobrite uses Swiss revolutionary T100 tritium illumination combined with ultra-lightweight carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate cases to make time more easily readable in the dark. 
Armourlite tritium watches meet the demanding needs of law enforcement officers, military personnel, first responders and extreme outdoorsmen. For beautifully engineered wristwatches that are stylish and make life easier, Armourlite and Isobrite have a large variety of incredible options.

MTM Special Ops

MTM Special Ops

A leading brand in unparalleled accuracy and durability in the most extreme conditions, MTM (Multi-Time Machine) Special Ops watches are forged with the brilliance of the past and crafted to perform in the future. Founded by an ex-marine and based out of Los Angeles, these timepieces are made for the soldier, outdoor enthusiast, athlete, weekend warrior, or really anyone looking for a daring accessory.
Groundbreaking technology that has been incorporated into MTM watches include UV light blood flow detection, radiation detection display, and the brightest internal and external lighting sources in the industry. By integrating fashion and utility, bold and sophisticated designs are becoming more popular.
MTM watchmakers and engineers pride themselves in staying true to their original vision of the brand, even as it grows. They’re willing to make leaps and bounds to create the absolute best tactical watch available.



Based in San Francisco, MINUS-8 originated when Silicon Valley industrial designer Dana Krieger with Astro Studios entered the watch industry, focusing on futuristic influences and industrial appeal. Boasting reasonable price points, MINUS-8 watches use Japanese movements. 

The industrial designers from Astro Studios are also behind the popular Xbox 360 and Nike Fuel Band. By using high-tech tools such as 3D printers, CNC machines, and laser cutters, innovation and precision are at the heart of the brand’s vision.
The brand name MINUS-8 comes from the California time zone, Greenwich Mean Time minus eight hours. In a world full of smartwatches and confusing gadgets, many crave a classic watch with simplistic features to enhance personal style.

Tactical Watches

Tactical Watches: Bottom Line

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