The Nue Co. Skin Filter Skincare Supplement | 30 Capsules

By The Nue Co.


Hold the 10-step skincare regime. Hold the make-up. Hold the filter. Just let your skin be with Skin Filter. The capsule includes clinically proven ingredients to brighten, clear and tightens skin utilizing a patented blend of champagne grape seed, melon, zinc, Vitamins C and A (think retinol, in a skin supplement). Skin Filter addresses the three key issues responsible for dull, uneven skin: melanin overproduction, collagen degradation, and impaired microcirculation. Nue Co. believes in function over cosmetics. Addressing the health of your skin, rather than simply the short-term appearance, to give you real skin confidence. In a clinical setting over 30-60 days, Skin Filter was shown to increase skin luminosity by 26% and increase skin elastin by 9%, as well as decrease blemishes by 21% and reduce skin redness by up to 35%. The capsules even have the capability of decreasing the production of melanin, thus reducing the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation.


  • Every day in the morning
  • Take with water
  • One capsule a day


Champagne grape seed, melon, zinc, Vitamins C and A. Free from fillers, bulking agents, flavorings, colorings and sweeteners. Non-GMO and Vegan.