3 Ways to Improve Your Morning Coffee Making Experience

The smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the world's greatest inventions.

Whether your mornings are fast or groggy, you can’t deny the interruption of that slight hint of rich caramelized aroma of fresh morning coffee in the air.  The calming sweet inhale first thing in the morning can jolt our senses to wake up without even taking a sip.

Many people can’t imagine starting their day without a warm morning cup of coffee and I can’t blame them.  It’s even beneficial to our health.

According to Harvard’s School of Public Health, "studies have linked coffee to a range of health benefits, including lowered risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers. This association is likely due to anti-inflammatories and antioxidants found in both caffeinated and decaffeinated brews."

But coffee is nothing more than coffee beans and water so what ways can you improve your morning cup?

Besides selecting your preferred coffee beans and ensuring consistent grounds of coffee, there are several methods to brewing a cup of coffee ⁠— from hand drip / pour-over style, slow brew drip machines to french press to espresso makers like the coffee on the go method of the handpresso,

It’s more than just a drink, it’s creating a better coffee making experience so we can start our day just the way we like it.

3 Ways to Improve Your Morning Coffee Making Experience

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Hand Drip / Pour-Over Style

The hand drip coffee will have you enjoying the process.

“The ritual of the pour over is like a meditation: There’s no machine in your way, no flashing green lights, no electric power cords. Just you and a few simple tools. The final cup is reminiscent of one from a drip coffeemaker, but noticeably more delicate and complex. Observe the bloom, experience the first trace of coffee-drunk steam, notice how the spiral of the pour alters the final cup. This simple experience gets you in tune with your coffee.”

Source: Blue Bottle Coffee, Preparation Guides for Pour- Over


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Espresso Makers

But first, what is Espresso?

“Simply put, espresso is a brew method. After World War II, espresso became Italy’s national drink because the extraction method made decent coffee from low-quality beans. The machine’s pressurized environment turned blends of Robusta and Arabica into a thick, concentrated coffee.

The label “espresso” that you see attached to a bag of coffee beans is the roaster’s recommendation, an indication that the coffee has been blended and roasted to best fit the espresso brew method.”

Source: Blue Bottle Coffee,  Blue Bottle Explains Espresso


 Featured Product: The Handpresso

Handpresso is a portable espresso machine that combines quality and mobility to make great espresso wherever you may go. Working with major coffee brewing companies, Handpresso has designed highly innovated products. The company has expanded its brand to making a range of portable machines for coffee fans everywhere. Handpresso’s slogan, “anywhere,” shows the wide range of manual and electric machines you can travel with. Handpresso uses little to no electricity in their eco-friendly products. Whether you live on-the-go 24/7 or travel often, the Handpresso coffee machine is ideal for eco-friendly, country lovers. Light and compact, the Handpresso portable espresso machine is easy to bring with you on any trip! Prepare good espresso in the usual and unusual places using Handpresso. Over the years the brand has grown to distributing in over 50 countries and over 400,000 machines have been sold worldwide.  Handpresso coffee is coffee on the go.  Try this for your next monday morning coffee.

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French Press

Change the coffee experience with a French Press styled drink.

“French press coffee is dense and heavy, yet it has its own sort of elegance. As with any method, the devil is in the details: To achieve a full expression of the coffee, decant it immediately after brewing so it doesn’t become bitter or chalky. Then, sink into this rich and heady cup. It only takes four minutes to brew.”

Blue Bottle Coffee, Preparation Guides for  French Press


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