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We're in the Inc. 5000!

Thank you. Seriously, thank you. The Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies features a fledgling business you might have heard of—yup, we’re talking about us. And we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Dubbed one of the ‘superheroes of the U.S. economy’, we’re happy to don our capes and continue to bring you the best in adventure and everyday gear. Our superpowers? Curation and customer service.

In 2009, Sportique was born from a love of curating unique products and offering an unmatched e-commerce and retail experience. While most seven-year-olds have a short attention span, sugar highs, and have a playtime quota to fulfill, we’ve since become a multi-channel e-commerce business with a brick and mortar shop in the city. And you’re right, we do have sugar highs and have a work-play balance.

Our San Francisco boutique on 808 Sutter

As a company running quickly on its own two feet, we pride ourselves in our bootstrapped roots and look towards the Bay Area’s technological innovations to push our business forward. Services and applications that we all access with a quick swipe have become a part of the Sportique shopping experience—local orders can now be delivered to you with the help of Uber RUSH. Can’t pull away from your desk while you code the next up-and-coming app but really need a hiking pack for your weekend trip? We’ve got your back(pack).

Whether you found us because you were scouring the interwebs for a specific product or walked by our shop while touring the city, we’re happy to have a growing community of support—after all, it takes a village to raise a child. At seven years old, we’re only going to keep growing.

We’ll never veer from our theme of discovery—exposure to products from all over the globe and conquering the lands from which these products came. Not only is our goal to provide fashionable and functional products that will propel your adventures to the next level, but we also work to promote philanthropy and sustainability.


Team Sportique

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