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Best Men's Grooming Products of 2019 | Body + Mind

Best Men's Grooming Products of 2019 | Body + Mind

We know when it comes to getting ready men like to keep it simple. But simplicity doesn’t mean limiting yourself to the basics (shaving cream, razors or aftershave). We’re here to open your eyes to men’s grooming products that will keep you, or the man in your life, looking and feeling their best!

Check out our list of the best men’s care items that will nourish both body AND mind.

Skincare from Juniper Ridge

Men's Hygiene

No matter where your life may take you, smell and feel your very best. We love The Cascade Forest scented Juniper Ridge Backcountry Body Wash - 8 oz. Juniper Ridge crafted this body wash using 100% natural fragrance straight from the Cascade Mountains for a true Noble Fir scent. What more could you want?

Every essential oil from Juniper Ridge is made from ethically harvested native plants and steam distillation. The Juniper Ridge Backcountry Essential Oil – White Sage 5 ml is a great all-around product. With a multitude of uses and applications; this all-natural fragrance oil is the perfect thing to keep in your gym bag and take with you everywhere you go. The White Sage Trail Scent Oil can be used on clothes, in the bath, directly on the skin, or in an aroma diffuser. 100% wildcrafted.

For those of us that need to keep things simple, the Brothers Artisan Oil Grooming Oil NARRAGANSETT is a must-have. You can use this natural oil on your hair, body, and beard. This all-purpose grooming solution was crafted using hops essential oil that is inspired by their Citra Ale. The perfect grooming oil for any craft beer and IPA lover. Use in your hair as a leave-in conditioner, on your facial hair/skin as a moisturizer and as a way to prevent ingrown hairs. This product is a work-horse!

Haircare from Maapilim


Hair Care

Keeping your hair in check can make all the difference. After all, you can’t take back a first impression. The Maapilim’s Hair Paste is ideal for the man who wants the hold of a strong pomade without that sleek shine. You’ll be able to shape your hair and leave it looking natural and flexible.

For the men that have great hair and want to keep it that way, the Maapilim Hair Cream, Cardamom & Bergamot is for you. Made using Vitamin E, natural oils, extracts from the Great Sea, and completely paraben-free; Maapilim has crafted a nourishing hair care product specifically with men in mind. Breathe new life into your hair with a refined style that's perfect for all occasions. From office work to weekend fun; Maapilim Hair Cream has you covered.

Adding the Dark Caramel Strong Pomade from Maapilim to your daily routine will be something you won’t regret. This dark and mysteriously sweet pomade gives you a strong hold without giving your hair a crusty, glued down look. This is great for anyone who can’t commit to the same style all day. You can rework and reshape your hair to change with your mood.


Lotion care from  The Nue Co



Your mind often gets neglected when it comes to daily care. With the stress of your job and the tension you endure in your daily life, it’s important to find a way to get relief. Just one spray of The Nue Co. ‘s Magnesium Ease Stress + Tension Relief (3.38 oz / 100 ml) will deliver 45mg of magnesium, rapidly working to reduce muscle tension and soothe those workweek jitters. Keep one at home and one at the office for an all-natural way to combat the stress of your busy personal and professional life.

All over the internet and supplement scene, people are talking about the cognitive benefits of “smart drugs,” or more simply nootropics. With a plethora of products boasting a wide range of benefits and effects, getting into this world and figuring out what will give you an edge on the competition can be beyond challenging. Luckily our friends at the Nue Co. have an all-natural solution that can help you dive into this rapidly growing trend.

Fuel your brain with the Nootro-Focus from the Nue Co Made using natural nootropics and psychostimulants this supplement will help your brain increase your neurotransmitter activity. Long term this will improve your memory, attention, and focus. Short term, it will help reduce restlessness and hone your mental clarity. These are some of the best supplements to keep on hand for those that can't miss a step, day-in, and day-out.

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