The Nue Co. Debloat Food + Prebiotic | 3.5 oz

By The Nue Co.


For those uncomfortable moments when you feel like you've swallowed a balloon - the Relax a Bloated Stomach Supplement boasts a combination of anti-inflammatory organic turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and maqui fruit to soothe an upset stomach. Completely food based so its easy to digest, the Nue Co. Debloat food and Prebiotic is effective in offering both instant and long term relief.


1 teaspoon daily / when needed most.

  • Mix into a shot with water or
  • Stir into warm or cold almond milk or
  • Add to smoothies or
  • Combine with yogurt

Take any time of the day or night.

Tailor with a Protein for optimum benefit. (1 tablespoon of Protein + 1 teaspoon of Debloat Food)


Maqui fruit powder, cinnamon powder, ginger root powder, turmeric root powder, inulin - a prebiotic fiber derived from chicory, brown rice protein powder

Made in the UK

Free from thickeners, binders, flavorings (natural + synthetic)

Vegan - Certified Organic - Cruelty-Free - Gluten-Free - Sugar-Free