The Nue Co. Sleep Drops | 4 oz

By The Nue Co.


Leave the cocktails in the cabinet. The Nue Co's Sleep Drops is a non-habit forming that helps you drift off naturally and are alcohol-free. Formulated with Valerian root + Passionflower to induce a sense of tranquility, while Catnip + Chamomile work together to aid sleep. Sleep is essential for proper body and mind functioning. Little sleep can cause traffic to your central nervous system leading to fatigue, reduced concentration, and poor memory. The sleep drops aids sleep and reduces anxiety with proven natural ingredients. You can also put away the dream catcher if you want, say goodbye to any nasty dreams or residual drowsiness the next morning.

Nue & You
  • Valerian root is proven to have a sedative effect, while studies show that passionflower significantly impacts the quality of sleep, helping your body rest throughout the night without waking.
  • Sleeping through the night helps lower cortisol levels and has been linked to a decreased risk of developing obesity, diabetes + heart disease.
  • Up to 30 minutes before bedtime
  • Place directly under the tongue for fast absorption or add to liquid
  • 6-12 drops