The Nue Co. Skin Food + Prebiotic | 3.5 oz

By The Nue Co.


Collagen provides firmness and elasticity to our skin. From the age of about 20, our levels of it begin to drop by 1% each year, which results in the aging process. Luckily, the Nue Co is here with a luxurious line of wellness supplements to help you combat this process. 

Boasting 122% of you recommended daily vitamin c intake in one serving, this proven formula boosts your skin's collagen production and promotes an increase in cell renewal. This formula delivers vitamin c, zinc, and beta-carotene via organic lucuma, baobab + camu camu berry powder to leave skin looking smoother + brighter.

Nue & You:


  • Vitamin c, zinc + beta-carotene 


  • Prebiotics derived from organic inulin


  • Use daily in the morning or night for optimal results


  • Mix into food or beverage (nut milk recommended)


  • 1 level teaspoon

Friends & enemies:

  • Combines well with probiotic protein and vitamin c