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What is the Best Shoe Cleaner in the Market?
We’re exploring Liquiproof Labs and Jason Markk, two of the best shoe cleaners making a buzz in the home care and shoe care industry.

What is the Best Shoe Cleaner in the Market?

When it comes to online shopping, we know it gets tedious when deciding on which brand to select & which suits your lifestyle best.  That’s why one of our missions is to drive the discovery of unique, functional, fashionable and purposeful products for every aspect of your life.

Looking for brands that give back?  Shop our collection of brands that make the global effort to clean up the environment, plant trees, etc.

BRAND BATTLE is a Logbook series where we prompt a frequently asked question and introduce two brands side by side.  Together, we’ll learn about their story, what makes them stand out competitors and which is best for you.

Let the brand battle begin.

Photo Source: Ben O' Sullivan 

 It's a tough world out there.  Stepping out into the daunting streets wearing a fresh pair of kicks, unprepared to face the inevitable grass stain, wine spill, or crammed elevator shoe scuff.  There's a worst case scenario right around the corner, just waiting to dirty up those brand new shoes.

But don't worry, we've got you covered.

"What is the best shoe cleaner in the market," you might ask?

For this Battle Brand series, we’ve chosen two of the best shoe cleaners in the home care and shoe care industry, Liquiproof Labs and Jason Markk that will undoubtedly protect your shoes from any scuffs, spills or stains.  But there is something more to these brands that deserve a deeper look.  Let's find out.


Liquiproof LABS vs. Jason Markk



Liquiproof LABS is the first permanent, invisible, eco-friendly, non-flammable, odorless and 100% breathable footwear spray that you can trust.  Formulated in their world leading London lab they pair all natural ingredients with advanced technology to deliver powerful results, without any harmful toxic or environmental side effects!

"Founder, Caner Veli, was tired of having his shoes ruined by weather and accidental spills. He looked for something that could help but didn't have much luck. He knew of other hydrophobic sprays on the market, but these contained harmful substances and left a visible white residue on the surface. After months of extensive research and development, Liquiproof was born in 2011. 

Caner continued to develop the product and in January 2014, he launched the brand to the world.  Within a short amount of time the product received an abundance of praise and quickly became recognized as the leading protector on the market. Currently providing protection for footwear and furnishings, we are continuing to develop the range of products that help in everyday life, whilst preserving the environment with non-hazardous and non-toxic protection formulas.”

Learn more about Liquiproof LABS 


Jason Markk is the world’s most trusted premium shoe care brand, set out to make a cleaning product geared specifically towards sneakerheads.

“If you’re into sneakers, you can’t just walk out of the house in beat-up shoes,” Jason Markk Angsuvarn, Founder of Jason Markk said, “They’ve got to be fresh.”

Seeing that there wasn’t a cleaning product designed specifically for sneakerheads, Jason Markk filled that niche by introducing the Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner. No longer would sneakerheads need to use household cleaning products and other solutions containing harsh chemicals to clean their precious kicks.

Building the foundation of the brand with a grassroots approach, enthusiasts, collectors and publications quickly recognized it as the best product on the market. More recently, Jason Markk launched the first dual-textured cleaning wipe for sneakers and shortly after that, a premium stain and water repellent.

Photo Source: jasonmarkk.com

In May of 2014,  saw historic move from Jason Markk as they opened “The World’s First Drop-off Sneaker Care Service” located in the Little Tokyo Historic District of Los Angeles. This first of its kind flagship store merges the concept of dry cleaning for your kicks with an all encompassing experience of the Jason Markk brand. It’s a space where special events are held, a boutique with Jason Markk’s full line along with other sneaker lifestyle products and also where experienced and knowledgeable Sneaker Care Technicians (SCTs) take care of your shoes.

The company’s goal is to fulfill the needs and wants of today’s sneaker consumer by continuing to be innovative and creative. Its mission is to become the most widely recognized and trusted shoe product, cleaning service and accessory brand in the world.

Founded over eight years ago in 2007, today our products can be found in over 2000 stores in 30 countries.

Learn more about Jason Markk 

Photo Source: @jasonmarkk

Both brands share similar premium shoes cleaner kits and both brands sparked from entrepreneurial ventures that gained momentum into their respective spaces.  At their core, both brands elevate the game by focusing on consistently creating quality product.  Let's dive deeper.


Photo Source: @liquidproof_official

Liquiproof LABS

LP set out to solve that problem by creating eco-friendly, non-toxic and powerful cleaning and protection solutions. LP’s LAB uses natural ingredients, beautiful fragrances and advanced technology to create powerful formulations that are suitable for use on all fabrics including suede, nubuck, leather, sheepskin and canvas. 

Liquidproof establishes themselves as a leading source and provides valuable resource videos for their products.

Liquiproof uses a unique nanotechnology which bonds with individual fibres on the shoe, resulting in years of protection. 

If you take a closer look at the back of other resistant spray bottles, you will usually see bright hazard signs and health warnings. All of them raising awareness on solvent abuse and damaging health effects. In comparison to Liquiproof, our formula is an eco-friendly, non-aerosol system that’s non-toxic and non-flammable. There are no health risks that come with using our product.

Find answers to Liquiproof Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Source: @liquiproof_official

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Liquiproof LABS Eco-Cleaner Liquiproof LABS Premium Protector Liquiproof LABS Cleaning Kit 50ml Liquiproof LABS


According to recent product and marketing rebrand by Billion Studios, Liquiproof LABS stand firmly to “Live Boldly” as a thoughtful fashion and home care brand.  Focusing on being 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic. A brand to trust for those environmentally conscious.

 Liquiproof LABS is here to stay and they are focused on evolving their brand  “while staying true to their brands heritage in the chemistry and a future commitment to building a sustainable future through innovation.”


Photo Source: @jasonmarkk

Jason Markk



From different textured shoes like leather, Jason Markk is also perfect for suede shoes and suede jackets.  

Cleaning suede definitely tops the list – which is understandable. Because of its textured nature, open pores, and the various grades out on the market, it can be somewhat unpredictable.

The company’s goal is to fulfill the needs and wants of today’s sneaker consumer by continuing to be innovative and creative. Its mission is to become the most widely recognized and trusted shoe product, cleaning service and accessory brand in the world.

With owner Jason Markk navigating the DJ world and the shoe industry with his consistently high quality cleaner, it's no wonder his name & product has been a go to favorite for sneakerheads alike.

Learn more about Jason Markk in his recent interview with Jeff Staple on The Business of Hype on Hypebeast Radio.


Photosource: @jasonmarkk

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Jason Markk Essential Kit Jason Markk Cleaning Brush Jason Markk Sued Kit Box Jason Markk Cleaning Wipes
Jason Markk is no where near done though. The team continues to develop fresh innovative products that are forever changing the way people care for their shoes.  Check out their latest collaboration with Nike.
 Photo Source: Patrick Hodskins


We’ve witnessed Liquiproof LABS and Jason Markk  grow from humble beginnings to notable contenders to being two of the best in the home care & shoe cleaning market.

If you are looking to liquid proof your prized sneakers or to clean your denim, leather and suede goods, both brands exemplify what it takes to eliminate any shoe’s worst case scenario. 

From Liquiproof LABS eco-friendly cleaners to Jason Markks dominance in the sneaker cleaning sprays & wipes, there is no loser here.


Here are a couple resources that will help you with your shoe cleaning journey:


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