Refresh Your Space with the Best Gifts for the Home

A new year is the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on the previous year and to prepare for the fruitful year ahead.

The spaces you spend the most time in often get neglected around the holidays so preparing for a refresh of your home & living spaces are important.

Being intentional with how you live in your spaces can assist you in reaching your new year's goals.  A simple layout change, sprucing up your bathroom, changing the throw pillows in your living room, priming your room to be more active, etc.  Whatever it takes to optimize the functionality & aesthetics of your home.

Whether it's for the new year or change in season, refreshing your space will create good feng shui in your home.

Let's take a look at 10 of our favorite home decor pieces to ring in the new year.

Resource: Modern Contemporary Interiors for Design Lovers


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1. Reed Wilson Design "Sup" Doormat | Flocked Lettering - $50

Known for crafting clever objects for your home, Reed Wilson Design's home decor often evokes deeper thinking and laughter simultaneously. Made in the USA, the "Sup" Doormat is crafted with natural coir (coconut) fiber bristles inserted into a weatherproof vinyl backing. The design is applied through an electrostatic flocking process that bonds the coir fibers with the black fibers.

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2. Umbra Hub Wall Mirror | Black - $125

This sleek Hub Wall Mirror from Umbra is the definition of bold simplicity.  Both functional and decorative, the round glass mirror is framed by a black rubber trim.  Hang it over a vanity, dresser, couch, or in the entryway, this mirror is versatile enough for any room.

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3. Reed Wilson Design West Coaster 4 Piece Set | Baltic Birch - $32

Known for crafting clever objects for your home, Reed Wilson Design's home decor often evokes deeper thinking and laughter simultaneously. Made in the USA, the West Coaster 4 Piece Set is made with laser-engraved Baltic Birch.

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4. Faribault San Francisco Map Wool Throw - $200

Faribault was inspired by vintage street maps to create this work of art. Made with a blend of luxurious merino wool and cotton, this blanket will keep you cozy any day. The San Francisco Map Wool Throw comes in black, and highlights all of the neighborhoods within the city.

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5. Skeppshult Little Swing Cast Iron Pepper Mill | Walnut Lid - $55

Quality construction is paired with brilliant design to create the Cast Iron Little Swing Pepper and Spice Mill from Skeppshult. This chemical-free, cast iron body has a mild weight and coarse texture that feels very comfortable in one's hand. The cap on this mill is made from Swedish walnut wood, and adds a level of elegance to this mill's aesthetic. Between the cap and the mill is a strong rubber seal to ensure your pepper and spices stay fresh and flavorful. Each Skeppshult product comes with a 25 year warranty. 

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6. Arne Jacobsen Station Alarm Clock - $129

Created in 1939, the Arne Jacobsen Station Table Alarm Clock has a unique metal base. This light grey clock pays homage to Jacobsen's designs of the Ant and No. 7 chairs. Perfect for contemporary homes, this clock has updated features such as snooze and a light sensor.

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7. W&P Design Pineapple Tumbler | Copper - $17.50

W and P Design brings you the fun and funky Pineapple Tumbler in Copper. A symbol of hospitality, this Tumbler is perfect for serving drinks at your home or bringing them to the beach.

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8. Decohides Cowhide Rug | Dark Spots Tricolor White - $226

Decohide's authentic Cowhide Rugs are sourced from the finest tanneries in South America thus ensuring premium quality hides.  Because these cowhides are such high quality, you can be sure of their elegance and durability. These beautiful rugs are versatile enough to be displayed in various rooms in your house and even used in outdoor settings.  They are a beautiful statement piece that are sure to be a conversation starter.  

Each natural cowhide is truly unique, and for that reason patterns may vary slightly.

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9. Craighill Handmade Jack Puzzle | Brass - $95

Compromised of six notched brass bars that interlock in one specific way, this Craighill Jack Puzzle can be used for entertainment, decor or even a paperweight. It's milled by a skilled machinist in Massachusetts, and it weighs one pound. Consider yourself warned, if you take it apart, you might not be able to figure out how to put it back together…

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10. Metrocs Max Bill Poster | Fifteen Variations on a Single Theme | - $85

Created during the early 1900s in Paris, artist Max Bill designed 15 art-pieces that shared 3 keywords - ‘continuity’, ‘development’ and ‘invention’. The original drawing is a spiral graphic of a line which consists of a regular triangle with one side becoming a part of perfect square, and equally developed from the square to regular pentagon to regular hexagon to regular heptagon then to regular octagon. And following the molding rules set by him as how to put dots or draw lines in specific order, he put arranges to each 15 variations.

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